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Free Backlinks, DoFollow Blogs, and Web Directories

The most effective way to obtain free backlinks is commenting on Relevant Blogs Forums, and Social Bookmarking. The problem is finding ones that are Do Follow. Don't get me wrong, commenting on "No-Follow" sites can be beneficial - but if you want link juice it is essential you find ones that follow your link and have a backlink checker.

Our Free tool was developed specifically to find dofollow blogs and Forums so you won't ever have to painfully search for a D-list or pay for a crappy subscription like linkvana.  Find out why Linkvana sucks.

All you have to do is:

1. Type in a keyword. Our search engine tool will find a huge list of sites offering a do follow link matching your submission.

2. Read their article

3. Write a thoughtful and genuine comment. (this is very important)

4. Type in your desired anchor text and website url

5. Hit submit

6. Congratulations, you now have a relevant backlink thanks to this Free Link Software and link tracker.

Our tool will not only help you submit a backlink, it will also track which Blogs and Forums you have already submitted to so you won't duplicate any SEO work.

Web Directories

Don't get too caught up submitting your site to Free Directory Submission sites.  Most are a considered a linking scam and will do nothing to increase your websites rankings.  Even Yahoo and DMOZ are overrated and I wouldn't waste my time or money messing with them. Free article submission sites are still viable, however, they are quickly becoming Spammy and I recommend being very picky when submitting your articles.




How come the best tools are always FREE. What's funny about this, is I would've never tried this tool had it cost money. Now that I've used it, I would pay to have it!


Why is this Free again? This tool has revolutionized the way website owners build links. If there was a Pulitzer Prize for SEO you, you would be the clear winner

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